Lawn Care Services and Their Importance

1) Early Spring Treatment
This treatment provides a slow release, balanced fertilizer to help your lawn rejuvenate after breaking winter dormancy and to help begin the process of creating that thick healthy lawn. Also included with this application is a pre emergent crabgrass herbicide that lasts all season long to prevent crabgrass before it ever appears. If you have any plans of reseeding a lawn that may have thin areas from last season you need to avoid this application, reseeding interval with this treatment is four months. This application is a dry treatment applied from mid March until approximately 1st of May.

2) Late Spring Treatment
This treatment focuses on the next ratio of fertilizer your lawn requires to encourage strong growth and achieve the desired green coloring. A strong point of this application is the broadleaf weed control directed at weeds such as dandelions, clover, and buckhorn. This is a liquid application applied between the middle of April until the first part of June.

3) Early Summer Treatment
This treatment is directed at the overall health of your lawn and to prepare the grass for the stresses it can encounter during the variable summer months. This slow released fertilizer will not create any burnt grass problems as often feared. Along with the fertilizer application, spot weed control is done to eliminate any escaped weeds from a previous treatment. This is a dry treatment applied around end of May thru first part of July.

4) Late Summer Treatment
This treatment is similar to early summer application, except it helps prepare the grass to break thru the stress and dormancy period of the hot and typically dry periods of the summer. This application is applied so once the moisture arrives again the required nutrients are there for it to start the recovery period quickly. This is a dry treatment that is applied weather dependant around first part of August until first part of September.

5) Fall Treatment
This treatment focuses on cleaning up any problem broadleaf weeds. This time of the season provides the best opportunity to achieve a complete kill on these weeds. Along with the broadleaf treatment we provide a  balanced fertilizer to help the grass prepare for the up coming winter by encouraging strong root growth.  Properly setting up the grass to over winter properly helps the grass break dormancy stronger next spring.  This is a liquid treatment applied from mid September until late November, weather permitting.

6) Early Summer Grub & Insect Treatment
This application provides protection against those nasty grubs that appear every year.  Along with the grub control you receive the benefit of controlling some of the other problematic insects like chinch bug, and billbug. This is a liquid application applied in Mid May thru July.

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